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Half-Elf thief of unknown origin. Grew up in the temple of The Goddess in Va'adm where she was supposed to be trained as a priestess, however, certain events made her run away from the temple and take up a new career.


The people of the cold lands of Ish'ool are all tall and muscular and Auh'sa is no exception. She is quite amused by the fact that she is larger than most people she meet outside of her homeland. Was training to be a shamaness but left her village in search of her brother who for some reason has not been heard of for some time now.
Weapon of choice: Well she would like to use nature bound magic, but since she left Ish'ool before her shamanic training was completed her magic is, to say the least, a bit unpredictable. So she uses a broad bladed spear when the magic fails her, and if that doesn't work she just kicks her enemies in the head.


A woodland elf with a somewhat tragic past. In search of the people responsible for the annihilation of his clan of which he was the sole survivor.
Weapon of choice:For close combat he uses his bracers which when properly handled can sport long sharp blades.


Neema was sent away from her homeland because of her parents fears that she was becoming somewhat spoiled. They want her to experience life outside the safe and luxurious boundaries of her home. So she had no other choice that to leave the blistering desert lands of Weisdoom and face the world outside...which she so far is less than impressed with.


Not much is known about Sol, and he likes to keep it that way. The best way of quieting Sol is to ask him to reveal something about his past, one would have more luck in having a conversation with a brick wall. It would however be quite safe to assume he is of noble birth and upbringing by the judge of his speech, manners and armor.


A blackblood elf with a really rotten attitude (like most blackblood elves). Serves The Dark One. Unlike most of his race Grimm can tolerate sunlight very well, he doesn't like it very much though. Played a major role in Levlas decision to run away from the temple.
Weapon of choice: Very, very dark magic and manipulating people.


Although the ranks of those in service of The Dark One is somewhat obscure it is quite obvious that Bandah is Grimm's superior (she can tell him what to do and he can't get angry about it). Sacrificed her right eye to gain the ability to transport between shadows.
Weapon of choice: Apart from her shadowgating ability she also uses a form of ribbon that she can manipulate to different shapes and sizes.


More to come on this charachter on a later date.