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Fan Art

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By Panzer

MirabileTemporis very first fan art!

Designs By Panzer

We liked Panzers drawing so much, we asked him to do some wepon and armor design for us. Too bad the scanning is so bad. =(
Auh'sa and Kayl By Brian Cooke

A wonderfull drawing of Auh'sa and one of Brians charachters.
Auh'sa By Mikael Sebag

An amazing image of Auh'sa doing some magic. The background is absolutely stunning. We were given this as part of an art trade. Our very first. ^_^
Don't forget to check out Mikaels Elfwood page!

Bandah By Mikael Sebag

Another part of our art trade. An absolutely wonderfull image of Bandah with an absolutely kickass background! Again, don't forget to have a look at Mikaels Elfwood page. ^_^
Grimm By Mikael Sebag

The third piece of our art trade. it's our own evil dark-elf casting some nasty magic (can you belive Mikael was not happy with how the magic turned out on this image?! We can't, we just love it. ^_^) And don't forget to go and have a look at Mikaels Elfwood page.
Neema By Jamie Dianne Johnson

Jamie's part of an art trade we did. I drew her character Ryoko as my end of the bargain.
Loh'kee By Pearl A. Hodges

A wonderful image of Loh'kee casting some really nifty magic. Really nice colors going on here. ^_^
Don't forget to check out Pearl's Elfwood page, it's really awsome.

The Lovarian Adventures Gang By Freyah

Freyah's very first shot at fan art. The charachters are the good guys from the online comic Lovarian Adventures.
Nadine and Helix By Freyah

Freyah's second piece of fan art. To the same comic: Lovarian Adventures. ^_^
Trin By Freyah

Trin from Noble Flower.
Keeva By Freyah

Keeva from the hilarious online comic Mixed Myth.
Yale By Freyah

This was what I drew for Mikael Sebag as part of our art tarde.
Joshua By Freyah

The second one of my pieces to Mikael as part of our art trade.
Sulin and Carma By Freyah

My first fan art for the game in progressForgotten Kings. This is Sulin and Carma they can both use wepons and magic.
Acidently darwn on structured paper so I had to make the background structured as well.

Mephisto By Freyah

Second pice of fan art for the game Forgotten Kings.
This is Mephisto, a character for wich the creator had a very specific image in mind. I did not quite capture theat image but he did say I managed to get her essense down right, which I think is just as good. ^_^

Jalk By Freyahr

Third fanart for Forgotten Kings. This is Jalk, a merman who manages to charm two of the games female charachters. ^_^