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Comics we read:

"Finally Putting paid to the myth of the 'weaker' sex."

Completed comic about a wood-elf Bard and his adventures with a dark elf Sorceress and a big nice Orge. Hilarious.

Brilliant comic with wonderful art and a really spiffy plot.

"Like the gay Odd Couple, only sexier."

"An online comic about high school and other forces of evil."

"Epic Chat Room Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure! Well, there aren't actually very many elves. Or very much roleplaying. It's ****ing hilarious."

"A comic about the seamier side of your favorite fairy tales."

"A really beautifully drawn comic featuring angels and furries."

Yet another funny comic about EverQuest...but we can't really get enough of those can we? No we cannot ^_^

"Fight for justice. Save the princess. Skip your medication." ^_^ "That boy needs theraphy!"

"Kelen is a story about a small group of people living in a strange city where magic means everything, and their whole world was made at the whimsy of the Gods."

"A behind the scenes look at the making of a cheesy TV show "Kung Fool!" Featuring a fangirl, an HK stuntman, a pansy, and an... an angry kung fu chick."

An online fantasy comic with amazing art, great characters and a good story.

Ugh, hmm, hard to summerize this one...But it's really funny and well drawn.

"In a fantasy world where every myth is true but skewed, a small band walks the line between cinematic and cliché. Are they trying to save the world? Maybe. Are they trying to uphold Truth? Once in a while. Are they just trying to survive? Definitely."

"An epic adventure involving the fate of the world!"

"In the land of the rising sun there is an ancient tale of a warrior that knew too little and a princess that whined too much...and the dumb luck that would bind their destinies together forever. "

"A full-color web-based science fiction comic."

Various deities, Shakespeare plus a shepherd...oh, and a McCaffrey worshiping dragon.

Online comic about the life of a couple of people (and some sort of troll) that runs a gaming magazine.

"An urban fairy tale of epic proportions based in Chinatown."

"Timesphere is stolen in the future. Girl uses Timesphere in the present to recapture the Sphere from the Future. Girl Meets Guy. Girl meets Kitty Person. Girl meets Demons. Girl's Dragon does not Approve. TimeScapes... It's Confusing and Funny!"

"An EverQuest based webcomic by J. Waller" - An online comics search engine and directory

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